Square Baboon is a technology solutions company that can provide end-to-end services to help meet your demanding business needs. From small organizations to large corporates we offer consulting, training and advice on all aspects of technology.

Our Commitment
Our commitment to you is a solution that you are happy with that provides lasting value. We pride ourselves on building strong, trusted relationships with our clients.

Our Board
The founder of Square Baboon has over 20 years' experience in the IT field ranging from organizations of one seat to implementations of over 100,000 seats. He also has sat on advisory committees and councils as well as written numerous articles and publications surrounding many differing areas of IT.

Why Square Baboon?
Baboons are considered the most adaptable of all ground dwelling primates. Similar to IT, Square Baboon will adapt to any IT infrastructure or challenge laid before it. Furthermore, as our logo depicts, our ideology is to break outside the traditional box and look at things from varying perspectives, similar to the way a baboon approaches challenges.

Contact Us
Would you like to involve Square Baboon in your next engagement? Contact us via email - sales@squarebaboon.com.

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